Double Yummy!

Superfood Bakery


There are certain kinds of foods that make us warm and fuzzy inside. You could call them comfort foods, the kind you crave to put a smile on your face. But whatever you know them as, we’ll bet you have some stodgy, squishy, yummy favourites of your own.

Well, here are ours. Fluffy pancakes with a hint of cinnamon and fudgy brownies with gooey centres; they never fail to make our days a little brighter. They can be dressed up or down, scoffed as they come or decorated with yogurt, ice cream, fruits or sweeteners. Whichever way you eat them we guarantee they’ll hit the spot.

Both baking mixes are easy to make and only require a few extra ingredients from your cupboard – no trips to expensive food stores to buy a tonne of ingredients, we promise! They also have short baking times meaning your brownies or pancakes will go from box to plate in under half an hour.

It’s also important to us that as well as being easy to make and an accessible price, that our baking mixes are inclusive of everyone, no matter their dietary requirements. Both our pancake and brownie baking mixes are vegan-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, organic and all-natural.