Breakfast Bundle

Superfood Bakery


Sunday mornings; aren’t they the best? Propped up on pillows with a cup of tea and a good book to hand – the only thing that could make this scene a little sweeter would be a plate of pancakes, or maybe a slice of buttery banana bread in bed. When it comes to a special breakfast these dishes come top of the list.

Of course, pancakes are a universal breakfast time favourite, but if we do say so ourselves, our Morning Dreamers Organic Pancake Mix is especially good.

They are super easy to whip up, which makes them all the more irresistible. All you need to do is add milk of your choice to the pre-made mix, stir well and pour either thinly or thickly (depending on how stodgy you like them) into a frying pan. The end result is light, fluffy pancakes with a cinnamon taste, that thanks to our all natural, organic ingredients won’t make you feel bloated afterwards.

There’s also a special place in our hearts for banana bread. Nourishing and soul-warming, this wholesome treat is delicious topped with yogurt, fruit or just slathered in a buttery spread. Our Rise and Shine Organic Banana Loaf is perfect for breakfast because its natural, organic ingredients will give you that healthy kick start for the day. Plus, it’s mixed with real banana, so you can tick off one of your five a day, before you’ve even left the house.

As with all of our baking mixes accessibility and inclusivity is important to us, so each recipe can be made easily, quickly and without a tonne of expensive ingredients. We also ensure that our mixes are gluten-free, dairy-free and have a vegan option.