Only Chocolate

Superfood Bakery


Consider yourself a chocoholic? Well, we’re about to put your commitment to the test with our Only Chocolate bundle, a favorite of those truly dedicated to cocoa.

It’s no surprise that our chocolatiest baking mixes are among our best sellers. After all, who can resist a plate of freshly baked, fudgy brownies or cookies? Or indeed, a slice of still-warm, indulgently rich chocolate cake? Not us, that’s for sure.

So, we decided to make life a little easier for all those as devoted to this joy-giving ingredient as us and bundle these three baking mixes together for a nifty price saving.

The package includes our Spirit Lifters Chocolate Cookie Mix, Joy Makers Organic Brownie Mix and Smile Seeker Organic Chocolate Cake Mix. All three baking mixes have been created with your health, as well as your taste buds, in mind and only contain natural and organic ingredients. It’s also important to us that all of our baking mixes are inclusive and can be enjoyed by everyone, so each one is gluten-free, dairy-free and has a vegan option.