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Superfood Bakery is Gluten-Free

Superfood Bakery is Refined Sugar-Free

Superfood Bakery is Using Ancient Grains

Superfood Bakery is Health Conscious

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Finding food that is healthy and tastes good is hard. If it’s healthy then people say it tastes “interesting” and if it tastes good they call it a “treat”. We wanted to create a range of products that would make you feel good about yourself and warm on the inside because they are delicious! That’s why we came up with the range of all-natural superfood baking mixes!

Meet our Energy Booster Pancakes - we've packed them with ancient grains flours and baobab powder to make your breakfast even more nutritious!  

If you are into crunchy and chewy textures, you'd love our Glowing Skin Cookies! Chia and pumpkin seeds, cranberries, raw cacao and raw coconut sugar make them a delicious and healthy mid-day treat!

A firm favorite of all the bloggers who tried them, our Mood Booster Cookies are packed with raw cacao! If you are craving something chocolate-y, these are your go-to goodies! 

Finally, a shout-out to all the gym goers out there, our Raw Bliss Balls are full of protein goodness: amaranth, chia seeds, flaxseed, and raw cacao are only some of the superfoods that this delicious mix contains! 

The best part: you can make all of these in your kitchen in under 20 minutes! 

Want to get in touch? Email us at bake@superfoodbakery.co.uk