Superfood Bakery x QNOLA

What could be better than a warm, cinnamon-y, delicious smell of a freshly made stack of pancakes in the morning? That's right, hardly anything. 
We love finding new delicious ways to serve our mixes (like this one or this one). That's why we teamed up with Qnola this month - they make delicious nutritionally enhanced breakfast products. You should definitely try their wholesome granola (the beetroot and pistachio one disappeared after a few breakfasts)! Yum! 
So! To make a few delicious stacks, you will need: 

Eggs 3

Milk 255ml

Qnola Vanilla & Almond 50g


Pancake Mix


Preheat the pan on medium heat, add some vegetable or coconut oil. Whisk together milk and 3 eggs, add Morning Dreamers Pancake mix and mix until well-combined. Add Qnola into the mix, or sprinkle on top at the end!

Pancake Mix
Use a ladle or a large spoon to scoop the mix and put in the pan. Fry your pancake on one side until the top appears dry, then flip. Once cooked. place on the plate and repeat.
Pancake Mix
Sprinkle on top and ENJOY!
Pancake Mix
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